Writing Services

With  over 65 books, numerous web, newspaper and magazine articles, Johnny is an accomplished writer and available for new books and articles.  Before contacting Johnny you must know a few things about him.

Johnny relaxes while at his office

Johnny relaxes while at his office


When writing guidebooks you are only as good as you are accurate.
Having over 65 books is no accident, his track records keeps
publishers coming back for more books. Writing for 7 publishers
demonstrates his ability to work with others.

Johnny has turned in EVERY book and magazine article on time.
He knows timeliness is important for the process of turning an idea into an article or book and from the computer to its final publishing destination.

Johnny gives publishers what they want not what Johnny thinks they  want.  He stays within word and subject guidelines, making life easier on editors.

Feel free to
contact Johnny at
molloyjohnny@hotmail.com to engage a project.